Trying to list all the names of women who have appeared in Playboy would be almost impossible. That’s because there are far too many of them. However, that list can become shorter once you only include Playmates. By ranking those who are the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful, the compilation shortens even more.

Jenny McCarthy – It’s hard to see images of Jenny and her amazing boobs and not become smitten. It’s no wonder that Miss McCarthy became a huge star after gracing the pages of Playboy back in 1994.

Kelly Gallagher – One look at Kelly’s Playboy video and you will understand why she made this list. Many believe her to be one of the most beautiful, luscious and sexiest Playmates ever.

Pamela Anderson – Thanks to celebrity sex tapes, the public got to see a lot more of Pamela than in Playboy. Still, Pamela is probably one of the most recognized names on the list of Playmates. So much so, that she has made dozens of appearances in the magazine throughout her career.

Tiffany Toth – Sexy, hot and luscious are some of the words which come to mind when looking at images of Tiffany. The drop-dead gorgeous blond Playmate is tantalizing. Her boobs, eyes and body are enough to see why she has so many fans.

Victoria Silvstedt – Chances are you have heard about Victoria since she is a popular TV personality and singer. Miss Silvstedt is also a former Playboy model who left a lot of people with their tongues hanging out upon seeing her nude.

Hillary Fisher – Whether you see her from behind or the front, you will love Hillary. Miss Fisher has a legion of fans who became crazy about her after she posed nude in Playboy.

Carmen Electra – Miss Electra became an overnight sensation once she appeared in Playboy. That catapulted her to become more popular than ever. Carmen’s popularity due to the Playboy stint is part of why she went on to appear in several Hollywood films later on.